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ReadyFunds Payroll Card

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What is the ReadyFunds Payroll Card?

The ReadyFunds Payroll Card is the solution for businesses who want to convert their employees to 100% direct deposit at NO COST

Payroll card is funded as a direct deposit transaction through your existing payroll system

Businesses can save money by eliminating paper check production, distribution, reconciliation and escheatment

Employer Benefits

Convert to 100% electronic pay

Instant Issue MasterCard for new hires

Eliminate cash payments, lost check costs and escheatment issues

Secure web portal for card management

Improve employee retention and morale

Employer Tools

No fees to Employer! No load fees, no issuance fees, no management fees…

Instant Issue – Provide MasterCard Instant Issue payroll cards at the time of hire or to replace an employee’s lost card

eZpay® – Real-time loading via the Client Portal. Instant payroll load, exception pay or expense reimbursement.

Unique web-based Client Portal for managing cardholder registrations, instant issue inventory and multiple locations

eZsupport® – Dedicated account manager

Employee Benefits

Access to 100% of pay at no charge

Benefits of Direct Deposit with the purchasing power of MasterCard

Unlimited POS transactions with no fees

24x7 toll-free and online account activity

No monthly service charges

Employee Features

24/7 Cardholder Support – Toll free multi-lingual customer service

eZalerts™ – Text alerts sent to your email or mobile phone

eZtransfer™ – Transfer funds to any U.S. banking institution

eZBillPay™ – Pay bills electronically

Pay Card - Employee Benefits

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