ACA Compliance

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Are you a Large Employer?

Do you know the many regulations brought about by the Affordable Care Act (ACA)? With regulations like the Employer Shared Responsibility Tax—better known as the “Pay or Play Tax”— that took effect in 2015, employers can expect to face a number of reporting and compliance requirements along with associated tax liabilities and penalties. If you haven’t streamlined your ACA compliance, the time for preparation and action is now.

ACA Large Employer
Manage ACA Dashboard

ACA Dashboard

You work with your benefits professional to outline and document your strategy for ACA compliance.

Then you set up Measurement, Administrative and Stability Periods for both Ongoing and New Variable hour employees.

The ACA Dashboard tracks employees and utilizes this data to generate the necessary ACA documentation required by law.

It also generates annual IRS reports for Applicable Large Employers and can manage an unlimited number of companies in one location, all within ACA requirements.

Now is the time for planning and compliance.

Managing ACA In-house?

In-house solutions and many payroll or benefit administration reporting tools cannot fully address the evolving complexity of the ACA. Our ACA Reporting Essentials solution uses employer-specific data to aid in IRS reporting and generation of employee statements.

ACA Reporting Essentials

There is a costly compliance risk with not reporting or not reporting accurately. ACA reporting is complicated. Every employer with 50 or more full-time equivalents must report or be subject to penalties. ACA Reporting Essentials is the cloud-based solution designed to aggregate employer plan and coverage information to populate the IRS ACA reports.

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Affordable Care Act

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